Comforting messenger

“Is there a doctor in the house”? Not likely; however, really we are ALL doctors. Aren’t we wanting to offer those in pain a mild sedative that soothes and comforts?

What is the meaning of the word “Paregoric”. It once was used as a mild pain reliever developed in the 16th century. It is a mild sedative that soothes and comforts. In Bible times, the word “Paregoric” was a person that delivered statements or comforting messages of good news to the people in the market places. Col. 4:10,11- Paul wrote of such men when he said, while in prison, “my fellow captive sends you his greetings, and so does Mark….Only these are my fellow workers for the kingdom of God and these very ones have become a ‘strengthening aid’ to me.” These ones were humans able to comfort other humans. There was a need for Paregoric people at that time to give comforting aid to others.

There are all kinds of medicines out there to ‘cure’ what ever ailments we have. All them do the job but some are bitter, some are distasteful, some burn. But there are certain Paregoric medicines that give us comfort when we are hurting. We are a collection of imperfect humans. How are we dealing with our imperfect brothers and sisters who are striving to serve Jehovah? Are we harsh on them even when they are in the wrong or are we like those messengers of comfort to others in the congregation.

“By your fruits, you will recognize them” so says Mat. 7. We are recognized as true witnesses by how we treat our brothers and sisters not by simply going to the kingdom hall. So there is a true need for “Paregoric” people today.

We deliver messages of good news to people in the market place or wherever we may go. But we also are strengthening aids to our brothers and sisters when we give words of comfort.

Are you a “Paregoric” person?

Some skin

Frightened by the clamor of thunder in the night, a little child cried out. Holding her securely in his arms, her father explained that she needn’t fear. God would take care of her because He loved her greatly.

“I know God will take care of me and love me,” she replied. “But right now, Daddy, I want someone with skin on to love me.”

It hasn’t got a lap

An ingenious teenager, tired of reading bedtime stories to his little sister, decided to record several of her favorite stories on tape. He told her, “now you can hear your stories anytime you want. Isn’t that great?” She looked at the machine for a moment and then replied, “No. It hasn’t got a lap.”

Poem: needing comfort

Now my friend I seek your comfort
Soothing words from you must flow
Spread it on quite thick and heavy
For my self-esteem must grow
For at present it is resting
On the floor beneath your feet
Take some time and spread your comfort
Help me rise up from the deep
Thus we then can walk together
Help each other through the day
And for strength and help and guidance
To Jehovah we will pray
Thus in turn I then will be there
As the heavy days you greet
When your self-esteem has crumpled
To the floor beneath my feet

— Pat McKinley



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