Charlie Brown

A Peanuts cartoon showed Peppermint Patty talking to Charlie Brown. She said, “Guess what, Chuck. The first day of school, and I got sent to the principal’s office. It was your fault, Chuck.”

He said, “My fault? How could it be my fault? Why do you say everything is my fault?”

She said, “You’re my friend, aren’t you, Chuck? Your should have been a better influence on me.”


Most introductory classes in psychology teach you that it’s your mother’s fault, your teacher’s fault or your little league coach’s fault. They blame everybody but the individual. I disagree with them intensely. — Bob Rotella (Sports psychologist)

America has become one huge circle in which everyone is pointing the finger of blame at someone else…. We now have so many addictions that the total accounts for well over one hundred percent of the American population.

In view of the many rights Americans now presume themselves to have, it’s inevitable that one of them will eventually be violated. When that happens, too many of us enroll ourselves into the victim-of-the-month club.

— Paul Vitz (Psychology as Religion: The Cult of Self-Worship; 1994)



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