Attention Span

The average adult attention span is 6 minutes. That’s why the Tonight Show has a commercial break about every 6 minutes!

Avoid Frostbite

Imagine yourself in a nice warm home looking out the picture window. The warm home pictures Jehovah’s organization, the loving congregation, and His principles and protective way of life. Inside this loving home it is cozy, safe, and warm. The fire is always going (likened to spiritual food at the right time and warm association that keeps us properly encouraged and sheltered from the world). But as you gaze out that picture window (in effect, looking at what the world has to offer, distracted from what is truly important) you notice it is snowing quite a bit–everything is covered in the stuff, light glistening off the snow… and it looks like fun (worldly temptations). The other kids are sledding, throwing snowballs, making snowmen, and snow forts (yet more worldly temptations abound). Boy, does it really look like a lot of fun! (And this is one of Satan’s biggest tricks. . . making all that is wrong look right by making it appear like fun . . . But boy is there a price to pay!)

You watch out that picture window until you can’t take it anymore (improper thoughts become fertile, giving way to sin) . . . you just have to go out in the snow and try it. You bundle up and head outside. You sled, maybe even make a snowman and throw snowballs. Sure, maybe you’re having fun, but as the day wears on (coming of the end of the system is close) you realize being outside is not that much fun anymore. Why? Well, someone hit
you in the side of the face with a snowball. (That hurts–play in the world . . . you get hurt). And some snow got past your scarf and down your neck. Your feet are numb, water sloshing around in your boots. Your hands are like icicles inside your soggy gloves. Your face and lips are chapped, your nose is running–feels like a cold coming on. (Spiritual armor is breaking down . . . you’ve been away too long and too exposed to the world.) You realize that the warmth you had is missing. Why? Because you’re cold, chilled to the bone, and wet and you are outside of the warm house, looking in. Is it possible you could get back in that house again and get the warmth back? How is it that everyone outside still seems to be having fun? (They’re probably callous . . . after
all, they’ve been in the world and don’t know any better.)

Hopefully you haven’t stayed outside too long! (Damage like frostbite could be likened to the damage to our conscience. Sometimes, it is hard to reverse the damage done by the cold. . . same is true of sins. Even if forgiven by Jehovah, you do not forget!) You’ve been out in the cold for a while. Will the people in the house let you back in? Certainly not in those wet messy clothes! You need their help to get those clothes off and get warm again. (Parallel with repentantly admitting the wrong doing prayerfully to Jehovah, approach the elders especially if serious wrong doing is involved, and getting the necessary and appropriate counsel and encouragement from the elders to get back on spiritual track.) By sticking to Bible standards (and staying inside the house, avoid looking out that window!), an individual can save themselves from experiencing all of the problems (the cold of this world and all associated with it) in the first place.

Bull Fighter

(Romans 7:9) In fact, I was once alive apart from law; but when the commandment arrived, sin came to life again, but I died.

“Pali, este toro me ha matado!”

“Pali, this bull has killed me!”

So saying to a friend, twenty-one year old Jose Cubero collapsed and died! Well known as “Yiyo” to Spanish bullfighting fans, just three months earlier, in May 1985, “he cut a splendid figure in his suit of lights in Madrid’s plaza de las ventas,” and seemed destined for greatness as a matador. Suddenly, unexpectedly, a tragic error ended his spectacular career!

At what proved to be his last bullfight, “after his final sword thrust he turned to the crowd, thinking the bull slain.” “But the animal rallied and lunged, piercing Yiyo through the heart.”

(National Geographic, February, 1986)

Granny Runs

Down in eastern Kentucky they have a saying about women having babies and the grandmother always makes the trip to the hospital too and these are called “granny runs”.

Sometimes, the labor pains turn out to be false labor and the baby doesn’t come, but granny always makes the trip anyway, no matter how many because she knows that just because it didn’t happen this time, it surely is coming and she wants to be there.

Town Killed by Silence

We’ve all heard about the boy who cried “wolf”. A similar legend tells of an ancient village with walls and watchmen.

Sensing that the people had begun to resent them for giving these false alarms, they decided to remain quiet.

Too bad, for soon thereafter the enemy did come. The city was assaulted and raized, leaving smoking ruins.

A memorial was later erected that said, “Here stood a town that was destroyed by silence.”


It’s later than we think, and most of us are not thinking. — source unknown


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